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Hey guys!

So today, I’m going to be doing a review on a product that I’ve been using about for a month. And that is StriVectin-SD, which is an intense concentrate for existing stretch marks, but also has been found to work great at eliminating wrinkles.

StriVectin SD Stretch Mark CreamSo, I use this product and I’ve bought this product, because I’ve got a ton of stretch marks around my stomach, from having my daughter.

Stretch marks didn’t come until I was about eight and a half months pregnant, and then, they just appeared.

So, when I went to my post op appointment, it was about a month after having my daughter, I was talking to the doctor, and I told her that I have really bad stretch marks and I want to know if there is anything I can do.

And she said.. “no creams, no magis potions, nothing is going to work to get rid of your stretch marks. You’re just going have to let time heal.

She explained.. “Because, it is the skin splitting from so much stretching, so it needs to come back together. It’s almost like a cut that needs to close back up.

She said… “They will never fully go away, but they will fade.

So, I’m like… “Are you kidding me?!

That was always my favorite part of my body, my stomach. And, it’s not big anymore, but it has a ton of stretch marks. I’m not going to show you, because I’m not comfortable doing that, so if you need to see results for yourself, then this is not the review for you, but if you trust my word and trust me, when I say that I’ve seen a huge difference in the stretch marks.

I’ve been using StriVectin-SD for about a month now and it’s dramatic!

I apply it twice a day and they faded like 50%, from the time that I started using it.

So, this bottle is 4 ounces. I don’t even know if you can buy this in the store, I only see them advertise for 6 ounces, but you can buy this 4 ounce one in the store.

I got this from Costco, I got 2 in a pack, and it was $130 USD, but I had a coupon that I got, for $30 USD off. So, it was selling for $130 USD, and I had a $30 USD coupon, so it was only $100 USD.

But this bottle alone retails for $90 USD. So, that’s a super deal!

So, if you have a Costco card, even if it’s just $130, I am not exactly sure about the Costco’s return policy, but I’m pretty sure they have a good return policy, because, we’ve returned things before.

So, check out the return policy, to see if it works for you and how long you can use it for. But, honest to God, girls, in one month, I’ve seen a huge difference in the stretch marks.

I’ve also been using.. they have a separate eye cream that they recommend to use around your eyes, because the product contains peppermint oil which could agitate or irritate your eyes, and if it gets in your eyes, it could burn and cause problems. I haven’t been using it around my eyes, because, they have an eye cream, but I haven’t had a chance to go to the store and purchase the eye cream.

But, I’ve been using it in between my eyebrow and on my smile lines. 🙂 And then around my eyes, because I get a little bit of wrinkling here, so I think early prevention is key with anything and that’s why I always use sunscreen and anything like that.

And my make up has a natural SPF, because I really don’t want a tons of wrinkles when I get older. So, the younger you start, the better, simple regiment, so you don’t have to look like a saggy, old, paper bag when you get older. 🙂

So, what I do, is, first it says…

“Begin with clean, dry skin. Apply StriVectin twice a day. Do not exceed three applications per 24h period. Use sparingly, it’s a concentrated formula. Vigorously massage into the target area, using circular motion. It absorbs immediately, leaving your skin youthful, smooth and silky.”

It’s also suppose to improve tone, texture, and overall elasticity in the area that you’re applying the cream.

And, again, I’ve noticed a difference. I’ve noticed a difference under my eyes, I’ve noticed a difference on my frown wrinkles, they are not as deep as they used to be. Which, it doesn’t bother me, but I know, once I get older, those are going to be there forever. Like, not just when I frown. 🙂

So, I like to use StriVectin around my lips, and under the nose area, you know, just in case, in doesn’t hurt to use it.

Honestly, a tiny, tiny bit goes a really long way. Again, I’ve been using it for about 6 weeks and I have probably used only half of it, maybe even less than that. And, I have a whole another bottle, so that’s like 4 months plus of product, I know by then, I’ll see huge differences, a huge difference in the stretch marks in my stomach.

So, I would highly recommend this, and I know it’s expensive, but if you go online and look it up, they have tons of deals on their official website. They have packaged deals and check their return policy, always remember that, the return policy. 🙂 You can return! A lot of times, if you order stuff online, you have to pay the shipping difference, but the product was $100 USD, and you had to pay $6 USD for shipping, or keep it under your sink and it’s a waste.

You know, do it! Just try.

If you’re able to spend that money, and try it and if it works, continue to use it. And if not, then send it back.

But, I would so recommend this for moms, if you have this issue, like I have.

Or just women in general. I know, I got a lot of stretch marks when I grew. I’m really tall, I’m 5.9″ and to some people that’s not really tall, but to me, that’s really tall.

So, as I grew, when I got older, I got stretch marks on my legs, I was really skinny, and then kinda got thick. On my thighs I got stretch marks, and have a couple of friends that have stretch marks on their arms, because they’re really tall and they’re just growing and that stretches skin so much.

So, you apply this tiny bit of StriVectin, and honestly, it makes a huge difference I’ve noticed!

It says on the bottle:

“Significant results have been seen by 93% of subjects tested.”

93% saw a difference using StriVectin-SD!!!

So, I would truly, truly recommend this to anybody that has this issue. Also, for the face, it says, it’s found to work better than botox. I don’t know about that, but if you can use the cream now, or to help prevent or to stall the problem that you already have an existing issue, wait not!

So, for moms, for women in general, I would so, so recommend this product and I am going to continue to use it. And maybe, once my stretch marks have been significantly reduced, I will show you guys what it looks like, but I don’t really feel comfortable doing that right now.

So, that’s all you guys.

I would so recommend this, go online, check it out, I’ll put a link here to their website, just check it out, because it’s amazing!

And in one month, I’ve seen huge, huge changes in the texture of my skin, the depth of the stretch marks, and they’re getting so much lighter.

It’s almost like it’s filling them in or adding more collagen, more fat into it, so they’re plumbing out, they’re starting to smooth out.

The ones on my hips were a little bit deeper. They’re almost completely gone. And then, the smaller stretch marks in my stomach are really.. they’re not deep anymore, and they’re darkening up and they are starting to become the color of the rest of my skin, so that’s huge! Huge, huge, huge!!!

Especially, concidering that my doctor was like..

None of those potions, none of those lotions, none of that is going to work! know, SHE WAS WRONG!


It hasn’t completely eliminated stretch marks, it’s not like a surgery or anything, but it’s definitely made a huge difference in reducing the appearance.

So, that’s all guys. I hope you guys check it out if you have this issue.

Any questions, comments, see below…

Alright, bye! 🙂

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